I was expecting everything I saw on the commercial to happen to me. I just knew my hair would be tousled and my husband and I would be breathing hard with thrilling pleasure as fireworks blazed over our bed-nest like the 4th of July.

Not so much.

I am a freak and as a freak, I was looking for something fun for my husband and I to try. After constantly being bombarded with KY® Jelly Brand commercials claiming to put some heavy spice into our sex life, I nagged my husband into finally agreeing to pay that ridiculous price for possibility’s sake.

When he brought it home, I grinned like a Cheshire cat at the thought of all the fun it would be- I could hardly wait to put the children to bed. When the time came for us to crack it open, however, I immediately realized it was nothing more than an overpriced, step-down from motion lotion. The sweet smell made me hesitate to use it because I just knew there was something in there that would surely give me a yeast infection (of which it didn’t).
So what is it exactly, you ask?

KY® Yours + Mine is a personal lubricant that promises on the back of the box in detail, to give you a brand new invigorating sensation once the two are combined. You apply it to your intimate areas inside and out during foreplay and once you begin making love, the combination is supposed to make for a cataclysmic explosion. The directions say that it is designed specifically for latex condoms so I’m guessing lamb skin is out and from what I could see, it is virtually useless if you are not using condoms at all. This made it a total waste of damn near $20 for me since my husband and I have no need to use condoms: my tubes are tied in a bow, we are faithful to one another, and I had an operation to burn the lining of my uterus so I wouldn’t get menstrual cycles anymore. (Thank God!)

Still, even without a condom, it warmed up as promised and my husband claimed to like it but I didn’t see a difference worth a damn. The fireworks I was expecting felt more akin to the pop and fizzle of opening a can of soda. It wasn’t anymore intense than sex usually is for my husband and I. I’ve never had a problem getting turned on or becoming wet, so had I realized it was really just an exaggerated mini bottle of baby oil for women who lack the proper amount of natural lubricant, I never would have pestered my husband into spending his hard earned money to get it.

Now, I’m not gonna sit here and tell you not to buy it, nor will I tell you that it won’t work for you. I’m just telling you that for me, it didn’t do anymore than a simple bottle of motion lotion would have done. If you try using it with latex condoms as suggested, you may receive satisfactory results. As for me, before I married I could only use lamb skin condoms because I am allergic to latex, so even if we were using protection, it wouldn’t have been worthwhile anyway.

Bottom line is that if I could have returned it to where my husband bought it, I would have… but that would have been disgusting. So the best I can do is chalk it up to a lesson learned and use it as a chance to write a review for others to read and decide whether or not they have twenty bucks to burn. Honestly, I say just head on down to the nearest freak store, get a pair of edible panties, a porno and some motion lotion and call it a night well done.

Good luck!